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System for Recovery & Wellness

As one of the leading user experiences in health and wellness, SolaJet is committed to be the most profitable 30 square feet in a facility.


HydrO2®-infused Massage

The all NEW SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage System is an dramatic new wave in massage. The industries most powerful yet soothing jets of warm water deliver deep tissue massage, therapeutic heat and a flushing wave action that promotes circulation. Air infused water combines to provide the ultimate massage experience.

No other form of massage delivers the combination of enjoyment, relaxation, therapy, convenience or value of the patented SolaJet System…Simply the Best Massage!


Naturally Perfect

SolaJet resulted from extensive massage research. The goal was to create the very best massage experience.

The answer... Use the natural therapeutic benefit of water but do it in a convenient, self contained environment. We think you will agree, no other form of massage offers the therapy, convenience, relaxation or benefit as found in the SolaJet.


Real Therapy

The enhancement of blood and lymphatic circulation promoted by therapeutic massage can have a dramatic impact on improving tissue health, oxygenation of blood cells, flushing of toxins and the reduction of pain.

A significant complement to massage is heat therapy, which provides an analgesic effect by increasing blood flow to a local area. Increased blood supply helps reduce soreness while relieving pain. Numerous scientific studies suggest that massage can have many vital benefits which have been shown to help with a number of conditions.



SolaJet is good for business. From medical providers to health clubs, business have appreciated the many benefits the SolaJet can deliver while adding profit to their bottom line.

Healthcare providers, Salons, Day Spas, Hospitality, Fitness Centers and many other industries are surprised to learn the variety ways SolaJet can build there bottom line.

Attract new clients, maintain greater loyalty/retention with existing clients, expand services to include DRYWAVE Massage. Enhance revenue.

We serve a wide variety of markets that all have one common link...


Whether You're Medical/Chiropractic, Fitness, Hospitality, or Corporate Wellness...

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The SolaJet® DRYWAVE® Massage System is an exhilarating new wave in massage for Recovery & Wellness.

Superior User Experience

Amazing pressure, sound suppression and privacy Pods are all part of what delivers the highest rated total massage experience!

The Smart Cloud

Advanced control, web-based user interface and mobile apps to drive both profit and enhance the user experience.

Marketing Support

We offer a wide array of marketing tools and support to help promote, recruit and retain clientele.

Portable Massage Pods

Massage pods provide session privacy while adding extra promotional benefit.


A confident 5 Years tub and frame, 3 years parts, 180 days labor...the industry’s leader!


See what our users have been saying.

C Thomas, Michigan "Our patients love their treatments and it is the most popular treatment we offer."
D. Zimmerman, Ohio "After 11 years of constant pain, I can finally sleep thru the night."
R Kinny, Oklahoma "It's my prescription for soreness and tension."


Performance & Innovation

The SolaJet technology has resulted from intense research, design, testing and lots of creativity to deliver world-class performance.

Without innovation we could not celebrate our distinct and patented advantages.

Our story began as a quest by one of the worlds largest wound care companies to discover the safest and most effective form of massage. With years of research and millions of dollars invested in product development, the SolaJet was born with a simple mission “to help make the world feel better”. Today the company’s driving passion is simply to deliver the very best therapeutic massage experience.

Helping people is always good for business and our partnerships offer an exceptional pathway for financial reward while providing a product and service which adds great benefit to people’s lives.

SolaJet has unsurpassed pressure and preferred massaging action, an advanced sound suppression system, multiple patented features all backed by the best warranty in the industry.

The reward of multiple years of engineering and testing is a major advancement in design resulting in reliability, low ownership costs and remarkable performance. Beautiful, sleek and well built. Our product will last many years and look good in the process.

Designed, Developed, Marketed, Serviced and Sold in the USA, marketed internationally.

We Were Made for Motion

Nothing substitutes for real exercise but for those not able to maintain adequate levels activity, massage can be an important supplement, providing many of the health benefits derived from exercise. SolaJet™ DRYWAVE™ Massage System delivers a full body, high pressure wave of water, intended to help flush and condition muscles while stimulating the lymphatic system, all while you remain clothed and dry. SolaJet is an effective form of massage due to its deep tissue penetration and soothing waves of warm water.

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