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Our story began as a quest by one of the worlds largest wound care companies to discover the safest and most effective form of massage. With years of research and millions of dollars invested in product development, the SolaJet was born with a simple mission “to help make the world feel better”. Today the company’s driving passion is simply to deliver the very best therapeutic massage experience.

Helping people is always good for business and our partnerships offer an exceptional pathway for financial reward while providing a product and service which adds great benefit to people’s lives.


HydrO2®-infused Massage

The all NEW SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage System is an dramatic new wave in massage. The industries most powerful yet soothing jets of warm water deliver deep tissue massage, therapeutic heat and a flushing wave action that promotes circulation. Air infused water combines to provide the ultimate massage experience.

No other form of massage delivers the combination of enjoyment, relaxation, therapy, convenience or value of the patented SolaJet System…Simply the Best Massage!

Naturally Perfect

SolaJet resulted from extensive massage research. The goal was to create the very best massage experience.

Mechanical devices – too rigid and potential damaging.

Hands-on massage – to costly and inconsistent.

Hydrotherapy – perfect for delivering heat and massage and non-irritating to bone, muscle and connective tissue as water CONFORMS to the body. However too inconvenient, high maintenance and not enough deep tissue therapy.

The answer... Use the natural therapeutic benefit of water but do it in a convenient, self contained environment. We think you will agree, no other form of massage offers the therapy, convenience, relaxation or benefit as found in the SolaJet.

Real Therapy

The enhancement of blood and lymphatic circulation promoted by therapeutic massage can have a dramatic impact on improving tissue health, oxygenation of blood cells, flushing of toxins and the reduction of pain. A significant complement to massage is heat therapy, which provides an analgesic effect by increasing blood flow to a local area. Increased blood supply helps reduce soreness while relieving pain. Numerous scientific studies suggest that massage can have many vital benefits which have been shown to help with a number of conditions:

• Low back pain • Stress and tension • Arthritis • Chronic fatigue • High blood pressure • Diabetes • Immunity suppression • Depression • A number of muscular and circulatory conditions

We Were Made for Motion

Simply put, movement is critical to life. When you don’t move enough, bad things eventually happen. Alarmingly, less than 1 in 3 Americans (28% and declining),  meet the governments minimum requirements for activity per week and thus are deprived of many important benefits. Lesson… 72% of us need to exercise more.

Nothing substitutes for real exercise but for those not able to maintain adequate levels activity, massage can be an important supplement, providing many of the health benefits derived from exercise.

SolaJet™ DRYWAVE™ Massage System delivers a full body, high pressure wave of water, intended to help flush and condition muscles while stimulating the lymphatic system, all while you remain clothed and dry. SolaJet is an effective form of massage due to its deep tissue penetration and soothing waves of warm water.

Performance & Innovation

The SolaJet technology has resulted from intense research, design, testing and lots of creativity to deliver world-class performance. Without innovation we could not celebrate our distinct and patented advantages.

SolaJet has unsurpassed pressure and preferred massaging action, an advanced sound suppression system, multiple patented features all backed by the best warranty in the industry.

The reward of multiple years of engineering and testing is a major advancement in design resulting in reliability, low ownership costs and remarkable performance. Beautiful, sleek and well built. Our product will last many years and look good in the process.

Designed, Developed, Marketed, Serviced and Sold in the USA, marketed internationally.


The SolaJet commercial series features a Touchscreen Control System that allows accounts to restrict, monitor and regulate usage while providing customized reports and usage data. Custom. Simple. Easy to Use.


SolaJet is good for business. From medical providers to health clubs, business have appreciated the many benefits the SolaJet can deliver while adding profit to their bottom line.

Healthcare providers, Salons, Day Spas, Hospitality, Fitness Centers and many other industries are surprised to learn the variety ways SolaJet can build there bottom line.

Attract new clients, maintain greater loyalty/retention with existing clients, expand services to include DRYWAVE Massage. Enhance revenue.

Whether billed separately for sessions or provided to enhance the overall experience of a service provider, SolaJet is a proven attraction and can help you build your business. A full array of proven tools are available for support.

Contact us to receive a personalized business review on how SolaJet may impact in your business financially or to see how easy it is to get started.

SolaJet vs. Massage

SolaJet delivers an amazing, rewarding massage experience all at a fraction of the high fixed cost of staffing.

Hundreds of surveys and comparisons consistently ranks SolaJet 1:1 with hands on massage; 8:1 over a hot tub; and 7:1 over a mechanical chair.

Although comparable to massage therapy, SolaJet appeals to a much wider audience. SolaJet is approx 5% of the cost of massage therapy. No staffing issues, 24/7 available with even more revenue opportunity.



1. How is the SOLAJET different from a massage therapist? SOLAJET provides many of the benefits of massage therapy yet some distinct contrasts. SOLAJET provides a controllable massage pressure and can penetrate into the deep tissues. SOLAJET uses heated water for the massage and therefore will not irritate tissue. The treatments also combine both massage and heat vs. massage alone, all with total “touch-less” privacy. A massage therapist can provide trigger point therapy which differs from the SOLAJET massaging action. Most feel the effects of a treatment very comparable with a massage therapist in usually a lot less time.

2. How is the SOLAJET different from a Hot Tub? SOLAJET combines most of the positive effects of a whirlpool treatment without getting wet. Heat and massage combine to relax muscles and relieve stress. SOLAJET eliminates the need to disrobe, get wet, or be exposed to outside temperatures. The cost of maintenance and overall use is much lower than most conventional hot tubs or baths. Unlike a hot tub, the SOLAJET can be used for extended periods of time without the increase on core body temperature of effects of water or concern over water purity.

3. What does is cost to operate the SOLAJET? When in use, the electrical consumption of the SOLAJET is similar to a vacuum cleaner. When not in use, the power consumption for the heating element (which runs intermittently) is approximately like running a 4 light bulbs when the heating system is on.. Electrical rates vary but the average total electrical cost is a fraction of the cost of heating a hot tub.

4. Does the SOLAJET require special flooring? The total weight of the SOLAJET (filled) is approx 650 lbs (6 Casters). This weight should be well within most US building codes for residential use. Total weight per square inch is less than most refrigerators.

5. What does the SOLAJET weigh Approximately 370 pounds without water, 650 with water.

6. Is the SOLAJET reimbursable for medical conditions? SOLAJET provides a type of dry-hydrotherapy. Although dry-hydrotherapy treatments are currently billed in many clinical settings, each health care provider must determine coverage based the provider’s treatment objectives and each provider should seek the advisement of their respective insurance authorities. Many personal health care flex savings plans currently provide coverage for massage and may cover the SOLAJET pending specific conditions and physician recommendations.

7. Are there any medical conditions that would prohibit use of the SOLAJET? SOLAJET sessions are safe and enjoyable for most individuals; however, there are conditions where precautionary measures should be considered and/or where massage may not be recommended. For the safety of all users, please be aware of the following precautions and contraindications (conditions prohibiting use) before proceeding with the use of the SOLAJET™. If these conditions exist, DO NOT USE the SOLAJET: 10 days post-surgery, Thrombosis, Any Acute (sudden, severe onset) Inflammatory Response, Acute or Unstable Disease or Medical Conditions.

8. What benefits occur with use? SOLAJET combines the effects of a hands-on massage with the therapeutic benefits of heat. Heat provides a pain relieving effect and increased circulation helps deliver vital oxygen to the body and remove impurities. The combined effects of heat and massage can have remarkable impact on: Muscle tension relief, Reduced soreness, Improved sleep, Increased circulation, Pain reduction, Promotion of lymphatic drainage.

9. What kind of maintenance does the SOLAJET require? The SOLAJET has basic service and maintenance requirements. Setting the unit up requires filling the unit with water. It is recommended that you change the water every 6 months for optimal performance. Each water change requires a water conditioner (Available though SOLAJET).

10. Is this similar to a roller table I have used at my Chiropractors office? The SOLAJET applies a forceful pressure to the spinal column similar to roller table however, most users prefer the gentleness of water that conforms around bony prominences and does not cause the irritation that some roller tables can. Also the addition of heat is a decisive benefit.

11. How long should a session last? Sessions can vary in length based on user preferences. Many prefer a 10-15 minute session although sessions lasting an hour can be very effective and enjoyable if you desire a more lengthy full body massage.

12. How often should I use the SOLAJET? Daily sessions can have a measurable impact for many users. Sessions will provide benefits for both the frequent user as well as intermittent use.

13. What happens if I have a problem with the SOLAJET? You would call our toll free service number (877-7-DRYWAVE).

14. How long has the company been in business? We began product testing in 2006.

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